Public Affairs Consulting

Whether your organization is trying to build community support for a controversial project or initiative, build relationships with key governmental officials or do business with local and county governments, Vision Media has the experience and know-how to help make it happen. Our staff has a deep understanding of public policy, communications strategy and political relationships and knows how to deliver for our clients.


Vision Media’s Public Affairs Consulting Services includes:

Business Development

Our firm helps connect our clients to opportunities in the public sector by leveraging our public policy knowledge and expansive contacts in government. We can help your firm respond to Requests for Proposals, identify contracting opportunities and build lasting relationships with local and county governments.

Branding and Identity

Whether it is an established company or new cause, any organization needs a positive, professional image to achieve success. Vision Media provides branding and development consulting to our clients, including logo design, marketing materials, websites, social media and much more.

Association Management

Every successful organization needs professional communication – Vision Media can help labor unions, trade organizations, business groups and many other types of associations accomplish this by handling both internal and external affairs and communications.

Community Relations

From the grassroots to the mass media, Vision Media understands how to deliver an argument and win public support. We offer a full range of Community Relations services covering everything from representing our clients at public meetings and events, to interacting with the media, to producing mass media content like promotional videos, websites, direct mail and much more.