Political Consulting

With over 25 years of experience producing award-winning media, messaging and strategy, Vision Media knows how to persuade voters and win elections. We have been part of winning campaigns from the local to the federal level and everywhere in between. Our Political Consulting Services include:

Media Consulting

Vision Media will help your campaign identify key messages and reach voters with them through whatever tactic works best for each individual client. We offer direct mail, television and radio advertising, online advertising including voter targeted banner and pre-roll video ads, outdoor advertising, social media advertising and much more.

General Campaign Consulting

A campaign needs a strong structure and experienced leadership at the top helping the candidate make tough decisions. Vision Media can act as a campaign’s General Consultant, helping to develop overall strategy and procedures and implement them.

Polling and Survey Research

Without accurate public opinion data, most campaign strategy is just a guessing game. Vision Media provides affordable polling solutions to local campaigns using innovative methods that deliver actionable data with manageable costs.

Online Campaign Consulting

Vision Media can create a solid online footprint from the ground up, or manage existing online infrastructure to get more out of it. We build campaign websites and social media pages, manage mass email campaigns and launch online advertising programs for our clients.

Field, Finance and Data Modeling

Vision Media has strategic partnerships with some of the most innovative and effective firms in many different campaign disciplines. We utilize these relationships to provide a full-range of campaign consulting services.