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“I Am a Ukrainian” Goes Viral

I’m not usually one for sending viral videos out to my contacts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not above watching and enjoying them, but I always feel like I’d be pestering people with the latest choreographed wedding dance or giggling baby.

However, for once I have found a viral video that deserves all our attention. With over 7.6 million views on YouTube … Read More

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Time to shift political ad buys to the web? Not so fast.

Technological innovations rarely come from the political scene — rather, they usually come to it after proving success in other fields. There are exceptions of course, most recently and famously shown by President Barack Obama’s two campaigns and the new techniques in voter data and modeling they came up with, among other things. But usuall… Read More

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Don’t Sleep on Union County in this Primary

The retirement announcement of Congressman Rush Holt sent waves through the Democratic Party in New Jersey yesterday. A true progressive, he will be sorely missed in Congress – and for those that have never met him, he also happens to be a genuinely awesome human being to speak to.

His departure leaves a huge vacuum in the 12th Congressional District, whic… Read More

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Bill de Blasio’s Victorious Macrotargeting

New York City’s Mayoral Primary kept politicos interested for the last several months for many reasons. The end of the Bloomberg era and the likelihood that the city would have a Democratic mayor for the first time in over a decade was one, as was the slow flame out of former front runner Christine Quinn. And there was, of course, this guy. But after Public Adv… Read More

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Saying Goodbye to Google Reader

Google Reader, the beloved by some but apparently not used by enough RSS reader service, is set to permanently shut down in ten days. For Reader diehards like me the last few months have caused a variety of reactions, some captured here. Some have tried to influence the search giant to reconsider, even setting up petitions and directly begging on social mediaRead More

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Obamacare Lowering Costs by Lessening Hospital Admittance

With the full implementation of President Barack Obama’s signature policy achievement, the system of health care reforms known as Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act (depending, usually, on what party you are from), fast arriving everyone seems to be searching for meaning and clarity. What will it mean for small businesses, for individuals with and w… Read More

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An Appreciation of Jason Collins, the Basketball Player

I was in an airport in Gulfstream, Mississippi, Monday morning after a weekend in New Orleans at Jazz Fest. My wife and I got through security and sat down at a restaurant in the terminal to kill some time, and after perusing the menu I loaded up Twitter on my phone – the first thing I saw was the news just breaking that Jason Collins had come out as the first openly … Read More

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Boston bombing reveals highs and lows of media

Yesterday’s horrific bombing in Boston is obviously still being investigated and at this point none of us know the root cause. The only thing that is clear is that it was a tragedy that has touched the lives of millions of people not only in Boston, but around the world. There is simply no good reason to speculate about who is responsible, but that didn’t sto… Read More

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What’s The Matter With Kansas Redux

A few years back, Thomas Frank wrote a book called “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” where he wondered why working class white people in some parts of the country consistently voted for Republican candidates – and against their own economic best interest.

These heartland American voters care more about “Guns, God and Country” than they do abou… Read More

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Excerpt from “Crisis Communications: Taking the Bullet and Firing Back”

As you may know, Vision Media President Paul Swibinski recently published an e-book available for free download on our home page. “Crisis Communications: Taking the Bullet and Firing Back” draws on Paul’s experience in nearly thirty years of helping clients survive crisis situations. We’ve decided to republish an excerpt fr… Read More

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